Ways of payment

Ways of payment

Dear tourists!

Payment to "Vneshintourist" travel company can be carried out by bank transfer, by cash or credit card at the office or by means of WebPay.

1. Payment by cash or credit card at offices "Vneshintourist"

Payment to Vneshintourist company by cash or credit card is carried out in f the offices located at the following address:

  • Minsk, Masherova Ave., 54

2. Payment by a bank transfer

Payment in a non-cash form means calculations between natural and legal entities or with their participation, carried out through bank in a non-cash order. The basis for carrying out calculations by bank in a non-cash form is the contract signed between LLC Vneshintourist and the client. Calculations in a non-cash form are carried out in the form of a bank transfer on the basis of payment instructions according to invoices. The realization of tourist service (air ticket) is enabled after payment implementation.

3. Payment by means of WebPay

The WebPay system helps to service the financial operations made by bank cards of Visa and MasterCard on the Internet.

By means of WebPay you can quickly and conveniently pay necessary tourist services. Making monetary operations with this system, you can be sure in safety of the money transfers. More details about WebPay system you can read on the website www.webpay.by.

How to buy tourist service online by means of WebPay system?

  1. Choose necessary service and contact the manager.
  2. You will receive the account and the link to payment on e-mail specified by you.
  3. Follow the link to the SECURE page of payment, enter requisites of the bank card and make payment.
  4. Booking confirmation with details of your travel will be sent on e-mail specified by you. If within three working days you didn't receive confirmation, contact us:
    - department of entrance tourism: +375 (17) 293 18 32; incoming@321.by
    - air tickets: +375 (17) 211 27 04; airtickets@321.by 
    - bus tours: +375 (17) 335 26 75; tourism@321.by

Pay attention! For all tourists, except for citizens from the countries of Europe and the CIS, procedure of micropayment is applied. Micropayment procedure is an additional protection from fraud. It is particularly important when the country of the service (in this particular case Belarus) and the paying country are different. After entering the card's data on the WEBPAY payment page, the random amount from 1 to 4 USD is blocked (please note that it is always a fractional number). After 20 minutes it is automatically unlocked and becomes available for the payer. This card authorization form with blocked money will be available for operations 20 minutes only. This small amount of money blocked is not added to total invoice and is used for safety reasons only. Payer can know about the size of a micropayment blocked amount by contacting the bank where the card was issued by telephone, online banking or by sms from the bank. After that at the special payment WEBPAY page payer enters  the micropayment amount (the exact sum of Micropayment from 1 till 4 USD you must enter either via dot or via comma, for example 1,14 or 1,15….2,5 or 2.5)

If the entry done by you is correct, you may continue, and further payment for services is allowed.

–°ancellation of the order
–°ancellation of the order is possible no later than three days before the beginning of the tour/service. To do this, you need to send an application for the above mentioned e-mail or fax it to the following address: LLC "Vneshintourist", 220123 Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Masherova 54 Then the money can be returned to a bank card with which the payment was made, with the exception of 3%, which charges a bank, visa costs, and in some cases a fine hotel for the cancellation and a penalty for a return ticket.