Do you know that Belarus is the only country in Europe with no access to seas & having no mountains at all. Nevertheless, Belarus has very substantial potential for development of Ecotourism & Agrotourism. Why?... because, on the other hand, there are 20 thousands rivers, 10 thousands lakes in Belarus.

Forests cover 36% of its territory & National Parks occupy 7% of it. Please add to this combination relatively unchanged areas, where natural beauties are the main attraction, breathtaking beautiful landscapes, hospitality of local population with their traditional lifestyle, and you will understand why Ecotourism & Agrotourism has the right to exist in Belarus.

The charm of Belarus is in tender glimmer of the morning sky over the blurred horizon line, in redolent air of endless pine forests, in farewell cry of cranes, in enjoying the velvet of the green juicy meadow grass & in breathing the smell of hay and moist stack of wood. When staying in one of the homesteads a guest can tour around local sights, swim in local rivers and lakes, and enjoy the genuine Belarusian cuisine.

Ecotourism in Belarus means too many things for its lovers: plant observation (more 1600 species), animal (around 76 species) or bird watching(around 300 species), flora & fauna rescue program etc.

Agro/Agritourism.The programs of village tours give also an opportunity to enjoy the following activities: getting acquainted with a traditional village lifestyle like milking a cow or shegoat, taking in the harvest, mowing the grass, gathering of berries/flowers, horseback riding, admiring local sights …

Belarus offers wonderful opportunities for active rest from relaxing tour around forests and National Parks to horseriding tours, combining learning Belarus Nature and centurieslong culture of the country.

There are also farmsteads in which everyday life of Belarusians is fully restored as it was a hundred years ago…, where you can have a remarkable time with your family and friends.

Today about 2,000 homesteads welcome foreign travelers, and by 2015 there will be 3000 of them.

And we say "Come & share the beauty of Belarusian country life with "Vneshintourist!"