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Do you want to experience something new? Something you didn`t experience before? Are you an adventurer or a thrill seeker? Then it is your trip!

Come with us to the closed zone of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. 

A trip to the zone is 15 km deep into the area of the forbidden zone. The program of the stay includes a tour of the Museum of the isolated area of the Chernobyl zone  (the exposition of which is represented by stuffed birds and animals living in the reserve, a collection of household items of the local population, historical documents related to the closed zone of the reserve, old dosimetric devices, items left by people escaping from the zone in a hurry etc.), visiting the villages left after the accident, where you can see and visit the buildings that used to be once the center of culture, schools, hospitals, post offices, shops, apartment and private houses, administrative buildings of collective farms and village councils, former monuments of the great Patriotic war. Destroyed farms ,  left plants will be opened to you for a visit. You can climb to the observation tower overlooking the Chernobyl nuclear power station. We will visit a feeding station for the bisons, where we will be able to observe  the majestic and wild animals in their natural habitation

During this route you will have an opportunity to observe the unique nature recovering in the post-accident period without the human influence also the traces of the wild animals and birds living not only in the forests and fields, but also in the former villages, houses and constructions.

The route is leading through the lowest dosimetric parameters, which makes staying in the reserve quite safe. The reserve is a territory with a particularly high status of protection, there is also a checkpoint system, so you can visit the alienation zone only as a part of an organized group. The participants need to make a decision about the trip as soon as possible so that we have time to issue a pass (the deadline is 14 days before the start of the tour).

When leaving the reserve it is necessary to pass compulsory radiation control of clothes, shoes, personal belongings.

The price

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The price includes:

  • entrance fee into the reserve
  • permission to enter the zone
  • English speaking guide
  • transportation around the reserve


The price doesn`t include:

  • arrival to Khoiniki (the starting point of the tour. It is possible to arrange a transfer from Gomel train station or from Minsk, please, request us about possible ways)
  • dinner at Khoiniki