River Cruise the PEARLS of POLESYE

  • Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
  • Distance: 523 km
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River Cruise the PEARLS of POLESYE

MAZYR - Novosilky - national Park "Pripyatsky" - Lyaskovichi Tours Stakhovo - VOLMA - Pinsk 2 days - Dubai - Motol - dostoevo - Lyakhavichy - Watershed - Kobrin - BREST

The length of the cruise route 523 km

A very unique, very interesting and incredibly beautiful route!

The dates: 22.04.2017 — 29.04.2017, 06.05.2017 — 13.05.2017, 20.05.2017 — 27.05.2017, 03.06.2017 — 10.06.2017, 17.06.2017 — 24.06.2017, 01.07.2017 — 08.07.2017, 15.07.2017 — 22.07.2017, 29.07.2017 — 05.08.2017, 12.08.2017 — 19.08.2017, 26.08.2017 — 02.09.2017, 09.09.2017 — 16.09.2017, 23.09.2017 — 30.09.2017, 07.10.2017 — 14.10.2017 , 21.10.2017 — 28.10.2017



POLESIE - a vast, mysterious land in the heart of Europe

1 day. MOZYR.

One of the ancient cities of Belarus

Check in for the cruise:  13:00 (Mozyr, Sovetskaya str., Pier at the Park of Culture "Victory").

Arriving earlier can leave their luggage at the dock.

Accommodation in cabins. Lunch at 14:00.

Walking tour of Mozyr, a visit of the local history Museum complex “Castle Hill”.

Getting acquainted with the crew, instructions on the safety rules.


Departure of the ship at 23:59.


This morning the ship arrives in Novoselki, where is located the Museum of Grandfather Talash.

This museum is devoted to the Belarussian national hero so called Grandfather Talash and the partisan movement in Petrikowski  

The Museum shows the reconstructed house of the Talash family.

Grandfather Talash is famous for its heroic partisan activities during the World War 2. Being 72 he took part in partisan movement during the Soviet-Polish war of 1919-1921, later on being already 100 years he fought  against the Nazi invaders.

A walking tour to the Museum of Grandfather Talash.

Relaxing on board of the ship, enjoying  the picturesque  landscapes of Polesie.

After lunch the ship arrives in Doroshevichi.

Dorozhevichi is a place of the President of the Republic of Belarus residence and also the location of one of the national treasures, the national Park "Pripyatski"

The most interesting geographical area — Pripyat Polesie, is located on both sides of the Pripyat river in its middle stream In the South of Belarus. There is a good preservation of untouched nature here. The national Park “Pripyatskiy” is a unique combination of natural, cultural and historical heritage, such as unique and typical natural landscapes, a so-called Belarusian “Amazon” in the center of Europe.

A tour on the road train to the unique Safari Park nature reserve at the national Park "Pripyatskiy" and a visit to the Nature history Museum in Lyaskovichi.

Departure of the ship at 23:00.

3rd day. TUROV.

Early this morning the ship arrives in the city of Turov, a very unique and impressive city.

Turov is the oldest town on the territory where many centuries ago there was Easten Slavic tribes of “dregoviches” living.

In the X century there was the Principality of Turov.

A walking tour "Turov." A visit to the historic center of Turov , where there are remains of the ancient capital. Unique ruins of an ancient temple with numerous archaeological finds are the witnesses and participants in the brightest events in the history of Belarus. There is a Cathedral of Saints Cyril and  Lawrence and Martin of Turov. A visit of the famous Turov cross on the Cathedral square, which arrived to the city sailed upstream on the river to the city according to the legend

Lunch on Board.

A bus tour of Turov. A visit of "growing"  miraculous stone crosses, which according to the legend heal and help to improve the health problems. The crosses are located on the site of an ancient Borisoglebsky monastery - one of the mysteries of the Turov land.

A tour to the Turov dairy factory, which  is  one of the modern enterprise for the production of the famous Italian cheeses - mozzarella, mozzarella pizza, mascarpone. Touring around the factory, getting aquanted with the technology of making cheese. A visit of the factory shop.

Besides, the city is famous for the production of "Turov cannery", canning of green peas, sweet corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, fruit; produce canned vegetables, sauces, ketchups, snacks, juices and nectars, eggs, jam. It is also worth buying and tasting.

Dinner on Board and a possibility of walking tour in the evening city.

Departure of the ship at 22:00.

4-th day. STAKHOVO - VOLMA.

This morning the ship arrives in Stakhovo.

It is a stop on a green island for relaxing  on the beach, swimming in the river, walking or fishing.

Lunch-BBQ on the beach.

Departure at 13:00.

The ship is following  the Dnepro-Bugsky channel.

The Dnieper-bug canal is a navigable canal on the territory of the Belarusian Polesie was built from 1775 to 1873.

Arrival to Kachanovichi at 15:30.

There is a Belarussian saying the keeping  bees is a hard job.

A visit to the remote village of Kochanovichi  with a wonderful apiary.

The owner of the apiary in Kachanovichi is Nicholay Kachanovsky will prove to you that this place is really unique  During a visit to the apiary, the tourists will see century-old oak Boards, which bees inhabit , as well as vintage items that were used in everyday life of  Polesya inhabitants. The owner of the apiary will be treat you with  honey and special herbal tea, and you can buy souviniers done by him out of bees products . You will certainly enjoy this apiary!

Departure of the ship at 23:59.

5-th day. PINSK.

Early this morning the ship arrives to Pinsk.

Ancient Pinsk  is the third largest city of the Brest region with the population of over 130 thousand people. It  is the true capital of Polesia.

The city takes its name from the river Pina, The cross of waterways Pina, Pripayt and Yaselda made this city famous, wealthy, rapidly  grown. The  waterways connected the city between East and West, between the Black sea and the Baltic sea.

A tour of  Pinsk Museum of Belarusian Polesie.

Lunch on Board of the ship.

A bus tour with a visit to the famous Belarusian industries and factories.

After dinner on Board, evening entertainment.

Overnight in Pinsk.


After breakfast a walking tour "Jewish places of Pinsk".

Departure of the ship at 12:00.

During lunch the boat moves to Duboe

Nowadays the hydro dam is converted into a morden element of the transport communication after the grandiose reconstruction which took place in autumn 2006. 

The river Pina in this place became a part of the Dnieper-bug waterway, which was included into the famous "Royal canal" built in 1775-1783.

A drop of water in this area of hydropower can reach up to 3.5 meters, which created favorable water and energy conditions for placement of a small hydropower plant. A small HPP is located on the site of the old gateway, the banks are connected with a dam building, which has three low-head hydropower installation. And large window openings allow the viewer to understand the process of producing electricity.

The elements of the landscaping and lighting give a complex of the dam a very picturesque view. The sluice gates are opened for viewing in a different way: from Pinsk side they are swing gates, from Brest side they are inclined. This is determined by the technological necessity, but exactly to this reason  it makes a visit to this dam particularly interesting.

A tour of the dam and hydroelectric plant.

A bus tour to Motol and the village of Dostoevo.

The first President of Israel Chaim Weizmann was born in Motol. This place was inhabited by the humans during the stone age and the first mention of the town dates back to 1422. There are plenty of talented inhabitants living in this place.  Motol coats, towels are well-known  abroad. Matalene preserved their original culture, not letting it get lost in the ages, told to this day. A rich collection of material and spiritual culture of Western Polesye is preserved at the  folk Museum.

A tour to Motol Museum of Narodowo with interactive elements, a cup of tea with the famous Motol loaf.

Belarusian Polesie began the history of the family that gave the world the greatest writer of the XIX century Fyodor Dostoyevsky. In 1506 the Lord Danila Rtishchev received from Pinsk Prince a Charter for the local land and built a manor in the village of Dostoevo, between the rivers Pina and Yaselda. First the owner's son wore a double surname Rtischev-Dostoevsky, as subsequent generations become known as the Dostoevsky family.

A visit to the Museum of Fyodor Dostoyevsky at the local school and a church.

Dinner on Board.

After dinner, everyone can enjoy a bath on the beach with possibility of swimming.

Departure of the ship at 23:59.


Early in the morning, the ship arrives to Lyahovichi.

A stop on the bank of the river, relax on the beach, swimming in the river.

Departure of the ship at 10:30.

The ship passes through the Watershed.

The main European watershed is the line separating the basins of European rivers, some of which fall into the Atlantic ocean and the sea of the North Atlantic, others into the Mediterranean sea and the sea of the Mediterranean basin and in the Caspian sea. On the site of the watershed of the Dnieper-bug canal, there is a memorial sign.

A short  photo stop.

After lunch the ship arrives to Kobrin, scheduled arrival time 16:30.

In 1795 the estate "Kobrin key" was given to A. V. Suvorov. Here resisted the remnants of the detachment of General Klengel, who came here with the Napoleon army on July 15, 1812, in the ruins of the castle  The first victory over Napoleon's troops within the Russian state took place here and with the walls of the fortress the first salute was given in memory of the victory.

A walking tour of the city of Kobrin with a visit to the Military Historical Museum named after Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov. Free time.

Farewell dinner on Board.

Departure of the ship at 23:00.

8-th day. BREST.

Brest... the names of the city were also  Berestie, Brest-Litovsk, Brest-on-bug. The third oldest city of Belarus, mentioned by the chronicler of Kiev in 1019. The choice of the name of the town allegedly affected wood from the rock elm called "Beresta".

Early this morning the ship arrives in Brest - at approximately 05:00 (Brest, ul Gating, district Ice Arena, the Trishin hydro system).

Check out  after breakfast, until 09:00.

Bus tour to the Brest fortress.

After the tour a transfer to the railway station (approximately 13:00-14:00).


The price of the trip includes:

  • Cruise on Board WHITE RUSSIA 8 days/7 nights;
  • Meals on Board: Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon tea with sweets and Dinner
  • Drinks by the system "All inclusive":
  • Drinks during Breakfast: water, juices to choose from, tea and coffee;
  • Drinks during Lunch and Dinner: water, juice or compote, tea/coffee;
  • Drink during the afternoon tea: tea;
  • Drinks in bar from 10:00 until 23:00: alcohol (vodka of local production), wine (local production), beer (local production), juice, lemonade, water, tea, coffee
  • Sightseeing program and entrance tickets to museums;
  • Entertaining and informative program (the program of the cruise);
  • Health insurance as a gift (not issued to citizens of the Republic of Belarus);

Additional charges:

  • Arrival to the place of the ship start and at the ending point of the cruise;
  • Alcohol of foregn origin at the bar and the restaurant and drinks in extracurricular time.
  • The cost of tickets for photo and video shooting during the tours;
  • Tips for the crew (optional);
  • Consular fee for the visas (for those to whom applicable);
  • Souvenirs, shopping, personal expenses.

IMPORTANT: the captain of the ship has the right to change the route of the ship, Parking areas, Parking time, for any reason, should it be any danger in his opinion for the passengers, crew or ship. Arrival time and departure - estimated!

It is possible to organize "Before" and "After" cruise program.